Welcome To Bonavista Physical Therapy, Calgary Alberta

Bonavista Physical Therapy has a highly experienced team of skilled therapists able to assess and treat your musculoskeletal injuries or conditions.

All assessments and treatments are performed by licensed physiotherapists only. We believe in taking the time necessary in providing personal, one on one, care to achieve the best possible results.  Our friendly and relaxed at atmosphere enables our clients to feel comfortable – not intimidated or rushed during their treatments. We believe that education and knowledge related to your particular injury is key in order for you to self treat and optimally manage your condition. We want to facilitate the healing process while avoiding re-injury.


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CERTIFIED ACUPUNCURIST – Our newest team member - December 11, 2015

Dr. Julia Guo TCM Dr., Registered Acupunturist, PhD

Dr. Guo was born into a medical family. Her parents were also Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors. Having been cultivated and educated in such an environment, she naturally developed an interest in TCM.  Julia earned her Master’s Degree in TCM at Chengdu University of TCM and completed her Ph.D. at Shanghai University of TCM.  She worked as a TCM Doctor and professor in Shanghai University of TCM for 7 years continuously. In 2013, Julia moved to Canada and continued her work as a TCM Teacher, Clinical Supervisor, TCM Doctor, and Registered Acupuncturist. She gained postdoctoral fellowship training from The University of Western Ontario. Dr. Guo has years of experience and training in Chinese herbal prescriptions and acupuncture treatments for various illness/conditions.  Her specialization is in gynecological diseases, endocrine disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.

Running Injury Specialist - November 2, 2015

Our clinical specialist, Audrey Long BScPT, dip MDT, has recently become a running specialist with www.therunningclinic.ca.  She has been a recreational runner for decades.  Her goal is to not let her age stop her from enjoying her morning jogs.  She enjoys helping runners overcome current injuries and /or prevent those recurrent problems that some runners experience.