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Alberta Health and Wellness covers seven sessions of physiotherapy for post surgical, post fracture or post procedure conditions. They also cover up to five sessions for low income clients with high needs. For more information on this, please visit:

Worker’s Compensation Board
If you are injured at work, the Worker’s Compensation Board covers payment for physiotherapy by contracted care providers, for a prescribed number of treatments. Treatments required beyond this must have approval from the WCB for payment to continue. For further information visit the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta website.

Health Benefits
Extended health benefits are very often provided by employers, affiliations or may be purchased privately to provide coverage for physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and other medical needs. Plans vary as to what they cover, so it is necessary for you to know what your insurance coverage is.

Motor Vehicle Insurance
In October, 2004, the Alberta government introduced new legislation to deal with minor injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents. Under the new legislation, if you are injured in an accident and suffer a minor injury, your treatments will be covered by your insurance company regardless of who was at fault. It is necessary to be assessed by a primary health care provider (physiotherapist, general practitioner or chiropractor) within 10 days of your accident so you can get started on your recovery straight away. These treatments will be billed directly to your insurer with no out of pocket cost to you. For more serious injuries, claims will go through your section B coverage or your extended health benefits. More information is available on this webpage:

Coverage / Billing Info:
We now can direct-bill to Alberta Blue Cross for those with physiotherapy and massage therapy coverage. Great West Life policy holders can use their Health Solutions Plus Visa Card as well. NEW: City of Calgary Employees and others who have physiotherapy coverage through Greensheild: WE ARE NOW ABLE TO DIRECT BILL FOR YOU



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